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Online Writing Jobs

Online Writing Jobs in Hong Kong

Freelance writing jobs in Hong Kong
Popular writing disciplines
  • Engineering
  • Business Studies (also Management, Marketing)
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Computer science
  • IT, Web
  • Statistics
  • Communications
  • Education

Writers Earned (Oct-Dec 2014):

Writer ID Earned Orders completed
ENL category Writer ID 156**31 $ 3766 earned 43 orders completed (275 pages)
Writer ID 137**7 $ 5304 earned 65 orders completed (403 pages)
ESL category Writer ID 22**2 $ 2143 earned 49 orders completed (340 pages)
Writer ID 12**3 $ 2984 earned 57 orders completed (315 pages)
Data is collected in May 2015
Rating being from 1 the least to 5 the most satisfied

How our writers value UvoCorp:

Rate our remuneration rates (bids) against other companies
Rate if you feel more or less satisfied working with us than at otheracademic assistance companies
1: 1.4% 2: 2.8% 3: 10.8% 4: 28.6% 5: 56.3%
1: 1.4% 2: 1.4% 3: 6.6% 4: 23% 5: 67.6%

Many people dream about having a job where they are in fact their own boss and therefore get to set, for themselves, the work schedules to follow. While having such a job may sound like a pipe dream to many people, it is actually a job that one can easily get at hongkong.uvocorp.com, especially if one is interested in writing careers. Writing jobs here allow writers to dress as they wish and not have to worry about the job format that has been outlined by someone else. Every job has several requirements that must be fulfilled within certain given time period, but few jobs compare to online freelance writing jobs in particular, if the freedom that one has when writing jobs online is considered. You will have the freedom to select when to work, sleep, or do anything else, but whenever you apply for a job and are assigned it, then you have to complete that job within the time stated in the job instructions. The job basically entails you organizing your time and working as much as you want and whenever it is you need to begin writing.

Finding work at hongkong.uvocorp.com is actually much simpler and free of complications than many people think. If you can write and speak very fluent English and if English is your first language, then you have a very good chance of finding online essay writing jobs here. To achieve a high level of success in any job one needs to be very creative and hardworking, and the same applies for the type of writing work offered within the company. If your are the kind of person who enjoys writing and learning, then you should never pass on the opportunity to send your application to this firm because this firm will not only help you in growing your interest in writing and learning, but pay you awesomely as you become a better learner and writer.

There are several writing companies on the Internet that will also offer you the opportunity to write for them and earn some money, but you should always settle for something that is best for you. This is among those companies that are best for you because, here, you will be given opportunity to complete your academic projects while, at the same time, putting your skills to very profitable use. As long as you are determined to be very good at whatever paper you are writing, then this is the place to take your career to the next level. As soon as you become part of the great community that makes up this company, the writing specialists here shall help you divert your energy and effort to projects that are best suited to the writing style that you possess. There are several positions that still remain open, but this will not be for long. So make that application and be among those to fill the few remaining open spots.

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The benefits you enjoy working as a freelance writer:

  • High wages
  • Working from home
  • Orders in the sphere of your interest
  • 24/7 available support team
  • Payments always on time
  • Manage your time and workload yourself
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Published Thursday, June 4, 2015
Amazing opportunity!
This is one of the few places Ive found that gives an honest opportunity to earn a decent pay at home relatively at my own pace. On to of that its by doing something i love! If you love to write this is defiantly going to be the place for you
Published Monday, June 1, 2015
Perfect For Me
This is the simplest freelance writing website I have even found however . I have even tried with many others but none is real when put next . I'm a new on-line work and that they create it terribly straightforward to know the method .
Published Saturday, May 23, 2015
Great Company
Working from home can be such a blessing as you are your own boss and that freedom is great, however the hard part is finding legitimate work online with so many scams out there these days. I was really lucky to stumble upon this company, the tasks are reasonable and they pay on time. Very reliable folks. Would totally recommend.
Published Thursday, May 21, 2015
Great company !
I am a full time freelancer and I have used many different sites that offer jobs and this is my favorite next to freelancer.You get paid quickly after doing your work and Ive never missed a payment. UvoCorp has a brilliant site to with a good layout and good accessibility.
Published Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Awesome site!
I make a living off of doing freelance work from home. There are many different sites that offer freelancing jobs for people and this is one of my favorites. There are always plenty of jobs to do and I get paid quickly. I highly recommend it.
Published Wednesday, May 6, 2015
I find this site the easiest to use for freelance writing work, plus the pay is very good. As a part time freelance writer UvoCorp has given me the tools I need to make a respectable secondary income while working from the comfort of my own home. I can work remotely and have a work-life balance.
Published Tuesday, May 5, 2015
No complaints from me
This has to be one of the best freelance sites I have stumbled upon as of yet. Great jobs, fun work and a great interface. A+++
Published Thursday, April 30, 2015
Really good freelance writing company. Assignments are often interesting which makes not only more enjoyable to write about but often quicker too. Pay is decent and they are certainly one of the better freelance companies. I am currently saving up to go abroad and this is certainly helping as well as allowing me to practice my writing style.
Published Friday, April 17, 2015
good earner
this is the best freelance writing site i have found yet . i have tried several others but none stack up when compared . I am new to online work and they make it very easy to understand the process . if i can do it anyone can.
Published Friday, April 10, 2015
Perfect for my needs
I find this site the easiest to use for freelance writing work, plus the pay is very good. I'm currently saving up to go backpacking and this is the perfect way to build up my travel money whilst still having flexibility.
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